Scott, Chelsea, and Malcolm
A bit about Scott

As I grow older, time becomes more valuable, and my work continues to grow in purpose.  I am grateful for my family who taught me so many skills and enabled me to do so many great things; and I am grateful for my friends who inspire, and introduce me to new things.  My lady Chelsea and I live in our tiny 500 sq ft home at the Seneca Treehouse Project with Malcolm, Miss Kitty, rabbits, birds, and some very cool people.  I spend most of my spare time working on the Treehouse Project, sailing, and being with friends. 

What is the Seneca Treehouse Project?
After building a home for myself and making payments through an economic downturn, I realized that a large portion of humanity suffers from a fluctuating economy and scarcity.  After going through an enlightening life change, I turned my house into the Treehouse Sustainable Arts and Living Project, also known as the Seneca Treehouse, where we are transforming a standard American property into a sustainable homestead using the power of the Earth, Sun, and the spirit of all individuals involved.  We are filming most of our projects and creating a documentary series and movie about our projects and progress.  We feel that these videos can help many other people become resilient to the fluctuating market, reduce their environmental impact, and truly live in abundance.

As for a means of Income...  I have a custom fabrication shop where we create works of metal and wood such as gates, railing, blacksmithing, furniture, tile works, and many other items of interest for the customer.  My business is called Bunn Fabrication and Design and is located in Seneca SC.
Swamp Rabbit Trail near Greenville Zoo
This Item is for Sale - the stump is 4 feet in diameter, the Glass is 7 feet - sits 6-8 people
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