Tom Bunn
A little about me:
*Born in Findlay, Ohio with a farm family background on both sides
*Attended a small country school (k-12) with a graduating size of 48
*Worked construction with my dad for as long as I can remember
*Graduated from Bowling Green State University in Industrial Arts Education
*Taught high school while building homes for 15 years
*Moved to South Carolina with my family and now build homes full time
*Hobbies...TOO MANY, but custom furniture making, pottery, and square & round dancing top the list.
Now for the information that should help you decide if I am the builder of your choice. 
1.  I am pretty much a B type personality.. more so now than my younger years.  I am easy going and willing to give my viewpoint with pros and cons to a concept based on over thirty years of experience in residential building.
2.  I am current on building techniques, energy conservation practices, as well as local codes and restrictions that may affect your design.
3.  We use materials and load specifications that are above the minimum standards that are set by the state and we are licensed, bonded, and insured.
4.  The type of home that I like to build is designed with much thought going into how the home fits into the land, best positioning for view and effect of direct and indirect natural light throughout the day.  Each home should have its own personality to match the needs of the owner.  In short, I have no desire to build standard 'out of the box' homes with no artistic or creative influence.
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